5 Tips That Will Make You Win Pokémon Games


The Pokémon game based on animated characters is popular among all online games. It has players who represent different parts of the globe. Both adults and kids enjoy the Pokémon game series. You can find different tips and tricks to win the game series at www.pokemongoland.com. The portals of www.telegraph.co.uk share their opinion on the buildup of hype for Pokémon Go series. If you are a regular player, here are five tips that will make you win more often.

1. Finding the Pokémon in plenty
Look out for Pokémon in your immediate surroundings. There would be two places, the Nearby and the Sightings. In Nearby you can see the Pokémon moving around the PokéStops. In Sightings, you can identify the Pokémon hiding closer. Based on your area, you can identify all of them from either Nearby or Sightings or from both. Click the Pokémon tab in your travel screen to identify up to nine Pokémon. After catching a few Pokémon at the PokéStops, you can even find Snorlax in Sightings.

2. Gathering bonuses and medals
Every Pokémon comes in one or two kinds, and each kind possesses a medal. When you manage to catch ten similar ones, you will be awarded a bronze medal. As you reach 50, you acquire silver medal, and for 200 you receive gold. The gold medal can avail you a 1.3x bonus, followed by 1.2x bonus for silver and 1.1x for bronze. You also get an additional bonus when you grab a Dragonite. You can acquire these gifts effortlessly. As you go high up to the excellent bonus, you can see your catch rate multiplying.

3. The knack of throwing balls
This tip is going to be the best one as it can offer you a free bonus too. There is an array of balls to catch different Pokémon. Some of them are a dusk ball, curve ball, great ball, ultra ball and more. While the great ball gives you a 1.5x bonus for using it, the curve ball offers 1.7x. Additionally, these curve balls consume no resources. When you become adept at throwing the ball, you will not miss a single chance to capture your Pokémon.

4. Checking the nests
Many Pokémon has consistent places known as their nests. You can find four or more of similar Pokémon there. They are even found to spawn hourly. The Totadile, Jinx, Magmar, and Electabuzz have their nests. You can also find Water-type Pokémon like Remoraid, Slowpoke, Chinchou, Staryu, Magikarp, and Psyduck. These spawn around water points. You can identify Magikarp spawning hourly and Dratini daily. Similarly, you can find the electric spawns. Around a large structure, you can glimpse Voltorb and Magnamite in plenty.

5. Making the best use of special tricks
Choose character pets like Snorlax, Castform, Blissey, and Clefairy which can change color based on the needs. Take advantage of hyper beams for an effective attack. When Pokémon gets inflicted, use façade to deal with the double damage. If you are good at predicting and taking the right move you can master the game relatively quickly. Above all, regular practice enables you to become adept at handling different strategies to win over the battle.

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